Sunday, January 31, 2010

aimee and jason's engagement party

Last night we travelled to Bendigo for Aimee and Jason's engagement party. The bonus is that is was at Jason's parents home which is next door to my sister Cheryl's house, so easy to get ready, have early tea (and a cup of tea too!)Sorry they are not the best photos but its all I have on my camera....when I get better ones I will post them!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

whats in the box?

Thought I would let you know what in my box of goodies at the moment (this is the box that sits next to where I sit in the loungeroom with a variety of project on the go in it) I last showed you the contents on January 14th, so two weeks later this is the result
- english paper pieced hexagons - no progress
- knitting cream vest/cardi for me - this is new
- brownyn hayes stitchery - still going, some progress made
- beading sampler - this is new, class Im taking from quilt university
- blue crossstiched printed panel - no progress
- 2 quilters companion mags - half read
- embroidered bag - started but I dont really like it, the colours that came in the kit dont really stand out, thinking of undoing what Ive done and beading it instead
SO.....some old, some new, some progress, some NOT

Friday, January 29, 2010

much loved and spoilt

This is what a horse who is much loved by her owner, fed well, in tip top condition and of course spoilt looks like.
Megan does a fabulous job with Ruby - she now has her in perfect condition, well muscled and fit - and of course Ruby repays all that with lots of love and nuzzles and good behaviour
What more could a girl want?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

day 28 ponderings

Well here I am at day 28 - almost forgot to post- check out the time!!!
Last few days have been soooo busy that Ive barely touched the ground.
After yesterdays big day, today wasnt much better - womens health appointment for me this am, then megan to the dentist in the afternoon for the start of her root canal (yes you read right - root canal so lots of $$$). Thank the Lord our dentist is lovely and I can pay it off.
Music practice at church this evening and in between all the usual "stuff" of washing,cleaning and paying the end of month farm bills.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a busy day but I had company

What a day!!!
Left home to be at church at 8 am this morning to do admin work (newsletters, rosters etc) and back home by 11.15 to meet our dairy financial advisor. Thought I was doing well - I made it home at 11.02, but he got here early! That was ok - he chatted to Gary for a bit.
Once finished with him I headed to Bendigo to pick up the girls, arriving there around 3.30 pm. Once I got there they informed me that we would be going to see where Aimee's fiance Jason works, at the stables near the racecourse so off we went. Lots of lovely racehorses to admire and pat. Then off to horseland for Megan to get some "supplies" and then decided to buy us all KFC for an early tea.
Back to Aimee's to eat and to spend some more time with Mia and at around 6 ish we were off home. Thankfully Sarah drove home most of the way as I was very tired.
Oh!!! Forgot to mention I had company in the car on the way down - I listened to Jane Austen's "Emma" on a audion book - what a great way to "read" and well read too so the drive passed quickly.
Its now 8pm and Im home and pooped - not going to bowls tonight too late and too tired - until tomorrow which co-incidentally will be day 27 - hopefully I WILL make a month of blog posts!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

look what I whipped up yesterday!!!

Well as I posted yesterday afternoon - I started cutting out a quilt yesterday.
Well last night I was home alone (I dont think Ive EVER been home alone here) as Gary had a bowls tournament and the girls are in Melbourne.
I was going to watch the tv and do some handwork but there was nothing on the tv so whilst listening to Keith Urban singing and Joyce Meyer speaking I managed to piece the whole top together.
I think it looks great - lovely and bright and fresh and not colours I normally use.
Amazingly its the same pattern as this other quilt I made earlier - same, same but different.

Monday, January 25, 2010

the start of something new

Well here I am on a quiet Monday afternoon - no girls home, they are in Melbourne and Gary is having (well was having an hour or so ago) a nap, so whats a girl to do but start a new quilt?
This is the same pattern as one I have made earlier- quick and easy pattern that uses a layer cake and can be found on moda bake shop.
This is Deb Strain's Love is in the Air range - very bright but should look good I think - Im at the "trying to make it look random" stage.
What do you think?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

a lovely lunch with my hubby

Today I had to take Sarah and Megan to Bendigo to meet up with their father who lives in Melbourne (its half way). They are going to stay with him until Wednesday, so Gary decided to come along with me for the trip and to keep me company.
After we left the girls, we first thought we might go to the movies to Avatar or something but the times didnt suit so after a quick walk around the market place we headed out to Lake Weerona and had a really scrummy lunch at the Boardwalk Cafe there.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

my how they grow!

Tonight Ive been thinking about my three girls and how they have grown.

Today Megan rode her horse Ruby into Cohuna to ride and have a day out with two girlfriends - its 8 kms approx there and it took her 40 minutes riding. Was she worried or scared? NO!!!
As for Sarah she headed off to Bendigo for a day out with her friend Hayley. She called in to see me at work before they left and she looked lovely - confident and self assured.

And Aimee called me this morning to tell me that Mia is now wearing knickers and doing really well with toilet training.
I think somehow Ive raised three fabulous girls. BTW this is one of my absolute favorite photos of them - it was taken at mine and Gary's wedding nearly four years ago.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

miraculouos praise amid haiti's destruction

This is an article I have received and is amazing, even for those non-Christians who read my blog - please read!

Miraculous Praise Amid Haiti's Destruction
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 04:07 PM EST J. Lee Grady Newsletters - Fire In My Bones

When the earthquake struck last week, a brave American woman found supernatural strength to praise the Lord—and to help deliver two babies.
My friend Linda Graham believes in miracles, but her faith was stretched beyond her wildest imagination last week when she arrived in Haiti with three other women from Durham, N. C. They were on a routine mission to deliver blankets, clothing and medical supplies to an orphanage in the town of Carrefour.
They had no idea they were walking right into one of the worst natural disasters in modern history.
"A newborn boy named Judah is now a testimony to the fact that there is a future and a hope for Haiti—a hope that is built on God's unshakeable faithfulness."
Their American Airlines plane touched down on Jan. 12 at 4 p.m.—15 minutes ahead of schedule. A Haitian pastor met them at the airport, loaded their bags in his vehicle and prepared to drive them to Carrefour when everything began to shake. At first Linda thought people were pushing the car until she noticed the trees were shaking too.
A 7.0 earthquake had just hit the city, but Linda and her friends, Kellee, Lisa and Julie, had no access to news broadcasts. All they could see were buildings collapsing and people running into the streets. Many people were covered with blood and white dust. One naked woman stood in the street with a stunned expression. Linda and her friends gave her some clothes.
The devastation was horrifying, yet the sound of praise soon filled the streets. Haitians were on their knees with their hands raised. "So many people were praying and praising God," Linda told me. "They were saying, 'Jesus is Lord' and ‘Thank you Jesus,' in Creole."
Unable to drive to the orphanage, the pastor took the women to a church where about 2,000 people were singing and praying in a crude shelter that had survived the quake. Later that evening the women relocated to a soccer field where people were sleeping on sheets under the stars. Injured people were everywhere, but still the sound of praises filled the air.
"I've never felt the presence of God in such a tangible way as I did that night," said Linda, whose husband, Wayne, and their two young children were back home in North Carolina—wondering if Linda had survived the disaster. "They were singing songs like, ‘Our God is an Awesome God.' People were praying in small groups, and then a wave of God's glory hit us around 2 a.m. Everyone was shouting praises."
The next morning wounded people lined up in front of the four white women, assuming they were nurses. Linda felt completely inadequate to help them, but she remembered they had Band-aids, antibacterial medicine, alcohol preps and $500 worth of underwear in their luggage.
Amazingly, they also had packed 25 pounds of rubber gloves. The women sprang into action. They began praying for people and applying bandages and Neosporin.
"I am convinced there was a loaves-and-fishes kind of miracle going on," Linda told me after she was airlifted to Florida on a private plane over the weekend. "All our supplies were multiplied. We even used Band-aids on an amputated leg."
Linda Graham with one of the two babies she helped deliver after the Haitian earthquake.
The biggest test of the women's faith came later that morning when two Haitian women went into labor. Linda was asked to deliver the babies—in an abandoned hospital. There were at least 300 dead bodies piled near the building's entrance, but Linda was determined to see life triumph over the misery she saw all around her.
"It was an awful place," she says of the Ministry of Health Hospital. "The three rusted tables in the maternity room were covered in bodily fluids. There was no electricity or running water in there. All I had was a pair of scissors and some fabric."
Linda swallowed hard, prayed in the Holy Spirit and called on the Lord for help. She prayed harder when she realized that the first baby was in a breach position.
"I just made a declaration," she said. "I prayed, ‘You will move into the right position and you will be born in Jesus name!'" A healthy girl was born in a few minutes.
A second pregnant woman then demanded attention, and her Christian husband translated Linda's English instructions to his wife. To help the mother breathe properly, Linda told her to say "Hallelujah."
When a baby boy was born the overjoyed father asked Linda to name the child. It was a prophetic moment that helped Linda gain insight into what God is doing today in this ravaged nation.
"I told him to name the boy Judah—which means praise," Linda said. "I told him, ‘We have to praise our way through this."
When Linda shared her story with me I realized God was working a million small miracles in Haiti that we will probably never hear about on CNN. Even in the mist of unimaginable horror and pain, many Haitians cried out to Jesus when everything they knew crumbled. And He has been answering them in a million different ways.
A newborn boy named Judah is just one of those miracles. He is a tiny testimony to the fact that there is a future and a hope for Haiti—a hope that is built on God's unshakeable faithfulness.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

here are some of our "girls"

Well after enjoying several pleasant weather days it seems we are going for 40 degrees tomorrow. I know we people get hot, but I really feel sorry for our cows (better known as our "girls") on days like this.
Im sure they think "Im big, fat and hot and I dont want to do anything!!!"

Anyways, here they are in the afternoon, just waiting to be taken to the shed to be milked. Dont they look conte
nted? Also please note distinct lack of green feed on which they are standing. We are out of it again and back to feeding out 2 bales of hay twice a day - more work for Gary!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another quilt made and knitting too!

After all the excitement and anticipation of Sarah's uni offer, Ive been keeping myself busy (and distracted) by making another quick and easy quilt. This one is made from some charms squares I bought from shweshwe and a moda jelly roll in basic cream. Very quick and easy and looks quite good I think.

Ive also finished off a hat I had in my "beside the chair box" that I showed you the other day and there was at least half a ball of wool left so knitted another hat with it - so two new winter hats for Mia are ready for her!

Monday, January 18, 2010

congratulations sarah!!!!!

After LOTS of prayer, sweating and pacing up and down - Sarah finally found out tonight that she has got into the course that she wanted to at La Trobe University, Bendigo in Visual Arts (Photography).
Understandably we are very proud and also very now the wait to see if she has go into on campus accomodation

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Musings

Well here I am on day 17 of trying to blog each day. Its actually made me see my blog in a completely different way.
Instead of something that I put the odd quilty type photo on off stuff Ive done, Ive now come to realise that all sorts of people read my blog (BUT sadly not many leave comments - come I dare you leave a comment!!!)
SO with this "better" attitude I spose, I go thru my day thinking of what I might blog - not all the time, Im not that lame but every now and then.
Ive started to think of my blog more as my daily diary as someone pointed out and thats a good way to be I think.
Well today is Sunday and what did I do - well went to church this morning and dressed up! Yep got to help my fabulous friend Pam do the childrens talk. I got to don a long blonde wig and a lovely outfit - purple top and orange skirt. What for you might ask? To demonstrate the bible story of the woman with the lost coin. It was fun!!!! Yes believe it or not church CAN be fun and quite often fun is had

Saturday, January 16, 2010

a quilty finish - breast of friends

This quilt has been a bit of an ongoing saga. When it was first listed in the homespun magazine I loved it - it was a block or two each month in the magazine. So I made block one. Then of course I forgot about it and had to chase up the patterns and old mags etc.
Then a lady at my patchwork group brought the finished quilt for show and tell and I remembered about it and decided to make it (again) BUT after a few blocks I again lost interest.
According to the original pattern it is huge - king size I think or maybe even bigger. I decided I didnt really need another huge quilt as its not one that could do with lots of washings cut a long story short I decided to make up the blocks that I had and make a wallhanging from them, which Ive done and finished and its hanging above my sewing machine and I quite like it.
So a ufo is finished - hooray - breast of friends, the wallhanging.
P.S. Day 16

Friday, January 15, 2010

my poor feet

Some of you might know that I work in the local Tattslotto agency one day a week - more often if its busy etc.
Well today I worked and my feet are paying the price they are sore and swollen....but they do look nice all nailpolished up due to the pedicure I had a couple of days ago with the voucher the girls gave me for Christmas.
I think I am going to have to invest in a pair of comfy nanna shoes as each week my feet just ache more and more - its obviously all the standing etc on basically a concrete floor.
BTW have you noticed this is day 15 of my "trying to blog everyday" and still managed to blog even after spending the day at work - go me!!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

how many things on the go?

I dont know about you - but I always have several projects (hand working/piecing/embroidery etc) on the go at once so that when I sit down to watch the tv I have "options" to choose from.
This photo I took today shows what I have going at the moment
- knitting a hat for me for winter (so PLENTY of time for that!!!)
- sewing the binding on my breast of friends wallhanging (I just got sick of making the quilt so decided to make up the blocks I had done and make a wallhanging)
- bronwyn hayes stitchery
- cross stitch quilt blocks
- english paper pieced hexagons
Not a bad selection I think!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what a smart chook!

Remember the "hot" chook I blogged about the other day?
Well she is a smart chook too - she managed to lay two eggs this morning and one this arvo....must be the cooler weather that came with the change - its 4.15 in the afternoon and sitting at a very comfortable 25 degrees - just lovely!!! and we even had a bit of rain this morning too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new toy for me

I've got a new toy - an apple iphone....thank goodness sarah lives here or I wouldnt have a clue how to use it!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

46 degrees!!!!

How ridiculous - its 46 degrees here and the heat is just terrible! This is our one remaining hen (still have 4 roosters but they will be going soon!). Poor girlie was just sitting there panting.
On a happier note - one of the kookaburra chicks launched out into the world today - thats it sitting under the roof of the hay shed. Megan got to hold the "other" one who hasnt flown yet.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

another finish

WIth the weather being so hot - today is the second day of 40+ degrees - Ive been able to get some hand sewing done while relaxing under the airconditoner.
This dresden piece is a table runner for my Mum's coffee table and the log cabin blocks are odd ones I had that I joined together to make a small table topper.
BTW still on a roll - today is the 10th day in a row Ive blogger and take note of the date today - 10/01/10

Saturday, January 9, 2010

are they nearly ready to leave the nest?

Well our baby kookaburras are nearly ready to leave the nest, so Gary and Megan have been handling them every day - to get them friendly!!!
I'm amazed how big they have grown and how quickly.

Friday, January 8, 2010

the things a dog has to put up with

Meet Bronte - she is technically Sarah's dog as she chose her from the rspca in echuca but really she is anyone'd dog. Always friendly and always wanting to
Well its school holidays and Megan had a friend over to stay so they decided to spiff up Bronte - a bath and a hair trim (which she badly needed- its hot here and her fur is soooo thick).
Dont you think the hat just completes the makeover?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I love this picture

I just love this picture - Ive pinched it from my friend
blog and is Hans Heysen's painting of his wife Sally at her sewing machine. There is a Hans Heysen exhibition at the Hobart Museum and Art Gallery at the moment.
Its so lovely and tranquil Ive actually printed it off and framed it and placed it in my sewing "area".

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

me horse riding - yes me!!!

Guess what I did last night?
Rode Ruby (Megan's horse)...I was a bit scared but not as bad as I thought I would be. Megan is very keen for me to ride and to get my own horse - and its not that often that a 15 year old asks you to do stuff with her.
Unfortunately no one took a photo so you have to take my word for it - but Ive substituted a photo of Megan and Mia riding Ruby - and Mia is NOT scared at all.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

first "finish" for 2010

Hooray my first quilty finish for 2010 - well sort of anyways.
I gave this quilt to DD1 Aimee ages ago to hand sew down the binding (she was looking for something to do at the time)Its a simple disappearing nine patch made from blocks I swapped
Well she has just moved to Bendigo and in the sorting out of stuff found the quilt and she hadnt even started sewing down the binding.
Finished it off today and its washed and drying.
BTW has anyone noticed Ive posted an entry on my blog EVERYDAY this year!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I love jacarandas. I love their beautiful purple flowers and yes I know they can make a mess but they are lovely.
I was blessed to receive not one but two jacaranda seedlings for christmas - one from my mum and one from my neighbour.
Took a while to work out the "perfect spot" but today we put them in the ground out the front of the house.
Hopefully in years to come they will make a lovely display.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

baby kookaburras progress photos

For those who have asked here is a "progress photo" of the baby kookaburras - they are all feathered now. Also that hole in the bales of hay is their nest - pretty amazing I reckon, its quite a palace inside.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Even though its the 2nd of January, I just found these resolutions on someone elses blog and I love them and an pinching them. What do you think?
Finish what I start
Make more from what I already have
Say yes more often to my children and my husband
Clear out what is not beautiful or useful
Plan ahead more often
Live consciously and with purpose
Laugh especially when things go wrong
Set a good example
Appreciate what I already have

Friday, January 1, 2010

new years day ponderings

Well its come to the first day of the year again - 2010 - and I spose its the time when you reflect back on what you have done in the past 12 months, but more importantly what you hope to achieve "this year".
Well "this year" is going to see lots of changes for me - firstly Aimee (and of course Mia!!!) have moved to Bendigo so I wont be seeing as much of them as I have been. But Aimee seems much happier and settled with her new guy Jason so I am pleased for her.
Sarah will also hopefully be moving to Bendigo to attend Uni and study photography.
So guess who will be travelling a fair bit to Bendigo soon - thank good ness we have ordered a new car, a Ford Territory and that should arrive in March.
Megan is starting year 10 and doing a year 11 subject, Biology, as well as doing 1/2 a day a week at Echuca studying equine studies - so I guess more chauffering will be involved there!
And as for me personally, I am taking on the volunteer administrator position at my church - this will be on Wednesdays for around 3 hours. As well as (well for the moment) all that I do now.
I think I need to be kinder to myself next year! and also do the usual finish off ufo's, excercise more, eat healthier etc etc.
But really it all comes down to the saying that I have on the bottom of my emails -
Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

Here's to a blessed 2010 - the year to be born again~