Friday, August 31, 2012

scary stuff

Sorry for the lack of blog posts - and the ones I have posted lately seem to be about someone dying!
I also personally have had a huge scare.  Ive had pretty bad pain in my lower right side for 2 or more weeks and it was getting worse and worse.  Finally went to the doctor friday afternoon and to cut a long and complicated story short - ended up in St John of God hospital in Bendigo on Monday morning via ambulance.
Ended up having an op and am now home recuperating - to be told you cant drive for a week is really frustrating and that I need to "relax" is a bit hard to take as well. Although I must say yesterday, being my first full day at home, I did have 3 naps but managed to do a little bit of embroidery -something I havent done for quite some time.