Friday, May 17, 2013

Mothers Day catch up

How lucky am I? Last Friday my daughter Aimee and hubby Jason brought my gorgeous granddaughers Mia and Maddison for a two day visit for an early mothers day treat.  Aimee was wonderful - she cleaned, changed my sheets on the bed, took me shopping etc and really looked after me.  Jason had a great time around the farm and riding the motorbike and Mia and Maddison had a great time too - and yes there were lots of cuddles!

Monday, May 6, 2013

7 years!

Today is mine and Gary's 7th wedding anniversary - I cant believe how the time has gone!
During that 7 years a lot has happened - new dairy, drought, flood and some health issues for both of us.  Three grandchildren born and the farm growing and sometimes flourishing under our management.
I feel truly blessed to be married to such a wonderful man, he is truly encouraging of all I do.  This photo was actually taken the day we got married, and he hardly looks any different at all!

As for my recovery - Ive been going walking every day - now have it up to 15 minutes and a pretty good pace, and its nice I have two dogs to keep me company. Molly is full of life and runs here and there, whilst Bronte just plods along.  At the moment I feel more like Bronte but hopefully soon I will have some of Mollys energy!

I've also been trying to adjust to not being quite able to do all that I usually do - and one of the things I CANT do at the moment is housework, so we have employed a lady to come and clean.  She came today and did a fabulous job, even got rid of most of the spiderwebs, so while she was cleaning I worked on this embroidery that I started a little while a long time ago. I'm finding that quite relaxing and a something a bit different to all the knitting I've been doing of late.

So all in all life is good - if a little slow!

Friday, May 3, 2013

university graduate

Gary, my Mum and I travelled to Bendigo yesterday to watch my daughter Sarah graduate from university.
It doesnt seem that long ago that I was posting that she was heading off to university - and here she is a graduate - Bachelor of Visual Arts from Latrobe University in Bendigo.....she is now a "qualified" photographer!
She has already obtained photography work - part time on the weekends working for vision portraits which will hopefully give her a good grounding in photographing people and families and will lead to bigger and better things.
Well done Sarah - we are proud of what you have achieved!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

resting and recuperating

Sorry once again for the lack of posts - but I do have a good excuse
I've had an operation (well that operation that ladies of a certain age have that starts with "h") almost two weeks ago and I'm at home "resting" and recuperating. 
Frustrating would be more the word I would use - I'm not to lift anything more than 3 kgs and no vacuuming or housework etc for 6 weeks
6 weeks you say!!!!
Yes - I have plenty of other stuff I could do - i.e. crocheting, knitting, reading, dvds etc but I dont seem to be able to concentrate for too long on any one thing - have spent lots of time  wasted lots of time browsing stuff on the net though!
Must admit Gary has been wonderful - cup of tea in bed each morning and working non stop and not complaining - I do love the man!
Stay tuned for regular programming at some stage!