Wednesday, May 1, 2013

resting and recuperating

Sorry once again for the lack of posts - but I do have a good excuse
I've had an operation (well that operation that ladies of a certain age have that starts with "h") almost two weeks ago and I'm at home "resting" and recuperating. 
Frustrating would be more the word I would use - I'm not to lift anything more than 3 kgs and no vacuuming or housework etc for 6 weeks
6 weeks you say!!!!
Yes - I have plenty of other stuff I could do - i.e. crocheting, knitting, reading, dvds etc but I dont seem to be able to concentrate for too long on any one thing - have spent lots of time  wasted lots of time browsing stuff on the net though!
Must admit Gary has been wonderful - cup of tea in bed each morning and working non stop and not complaining - I do love the man!
Stay tuned for regular programming at some stage!


Vickie said...

ahhh Lovely to read you are recovering..yep the restrictions drive you almost batty...isn't it just fantastic to have loving is little mIss Molly settling in? cheers Vickie

Lynne said...

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Don't forget to rest in His love too!