Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dont find a fault find a remedy

I have recently come across this quote from Henry Ford - and I think it is extremely appropriate at the present time in the Australian Dairy industry.

I believe we are at the cross roads as dairy producers and how we interact with and perceive the processors that we supply milk to.

Many many dairy farmers are angry (and rightly so) at the drop in milk prices which has recently affected us, as well as the claw back conditions attached to this.  We supply Murray Goulburn so our pay back is called Milk Supplier Support Package and results in us having a reduced milk price for the next 3 years until our overpayment has been recovered.  No this is not good, but it is a lot better than some dairy farmers who supply other milk companies - our debt is not a personal debt but a co-operative one and is not applied to individual balance sheets as is happening to many.

However back to the above quote - its all very well and good to be angry and cheesed off and feel like you need to put someones head on a pole - however at the end of the day what will that achieve? Personal satisfaction for the short term, however as dairy farmers we are in it for the long haul. There are cries of Extraordinary General Meetings  which are to involve lawyers who (in my opinion) have the agenda of removing board members and senior management and trying to retrospectively change things back to how they were and although there are also quotes of no cost to sign up - at the end of the day there has to be a cost. Is this achievable or desirable? I dont think so

Why not take the better (and more cohesive) option?  Try and work together with processors and boards and staff and have a working together attitude.

Much more is achieved by working together, warts and all, than fighting against one another.