Tuesday, December 27, 2011

where did christmas (and most of december) go????

Well Im not sure what has happened Christmas has come and gone as has most of December!
I really dont know what has happened with the days - have been so busy both off and on the farm, that its nice to have a quiet day or two - or has it been quiet?
We were blessed to have all my girls home for christmas (as well as there respective other halves) and had the usual big chrissie lunch - this year at Garys brothers home.
Mia loved everything about Christmas and its lovely to see it all thru a childs eyes - presents were wrapped and opened and admired etc and I think I got everything right as I didnt hear any complaints! And here's the proof of the parcels - Christmas morning before the pressies were attacked.
Hoping that all those who are reading this had a blessed day - and remember the true reason for Christmas - Jesus!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a lovely visit

On Sunday we had a lovely visit from both my granddaughter Mia and my daughter Sarah - the purpose??? Putting up the christmas tree of course.
BUT other things happened too!
Yes the tree was put up and Mia put the star on the top of the Christmas tree (for some reason everyone fights over who gets to put the star on the tree - so when Mia was born we decided that she would put the star on every year - not sure what we will do when grandchild number two comes along next year!)

Mia also had a bath and had a great time being a fool with a sieve on her head!

And finally Sarah painted her toe nails - mainly cos Sarah had just painted mine and Mia wanted to look like Nanna.
Thanks girls for a lovely day that went way too quickly!