Saturday, March 24, 2007

happy birthday gary

Yesterday was my husbands 50th birthday

He hates birthday celebrations and doesn't like suprises either - so what's a girl to do but hold a surprise party for him!!!

HE thought we were having a small family tea at the local hotel - actually there was 36 of us - and yes he did enjoy himself - once he got over the shock!!!
This photo is of Brian (Gary's brother), Diane (Gary's sister) and the birthday boy himself

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Moving and mooooving

What a weekend.
Helped DD1 Aimee move into her new home - just 10 minutes from here in Leitchville.
Very small place - only two bedrooms but great spot, lovely polished floorboards, new kitchen and just what a young couple with a baby due in 4 weeks needs.
On the cow front - we had to shoot one of our milkers as she broke her hip when another cow jumped on her - "bulling" - it wasnt one of my favorites but still sad none the less and $1000 down the drain
On the quilting front - managed to finish chenille quilt for the New Grandchild and found heaps of bits of fabric for baby in my "stash" so whipped up 6 sheets for Aimee and the bub.

And also managed to complete another couple of rounds on the hugs n kisses BOM - check the photos out of both

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

long weekend and not much done

Well Labour day weekend has been and gone and I didnt seem to get much done at all.
Mind you I worked heaps of extra days last week and also on saturday morning so I think Im excused!!!!
Three days at the Tattslotto (due to the boss having a little op) and Saturday morning at the local fabric shop (that is fun - and I get
I have managed (as we speak/type) to get the farm paper work up to date - if anyone loves BAS stuff they are mad!!!
Ive even done some of those things in the bottom of the drawer that you are intending to get to One Day.
And finished chenille squares quilt for the impending grandchild - hope its a girl cos its fairly "girly"
And had a good giggle with Aimee (DD1) yesterday - she came over to spend the day and we watched The Devil Wears Prada - good fun!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

been hard at work all week

Well not much to report for this week.
I've had to work three days at Tattslotto due to one of the owners having an operation and today (Saturday morning) at the local fabric shop - but thats fun!!!!
all Ive got done quilt wise is that the blue and yellow quilt is "finally" properly finished so photo here to show you.
The pattern is a free one from the internet on and is called pineapple blossom but I've called mine "Golden Circle" after the aussie brand of pineapple - and believe it or not we are using the quilt as a floor rug in the lounge room
That's what happens when you have too many quilt!!!

Apart from that just work, work and more work and farm stuff and housework inbetween!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

hugs n kisses

Well today I have actually sat at the machine and done something!!!!
I'm doing hugs n kisses BOM (block of the month) fairy kisses.
Mind you I am not quite doing it month by month BUT I am getting there.
Cut the squares for the border about two weeks ago - and the cat has happily been sleeping on them for me.
The photo shows the result - 6 months done (I think) and not bad if I do say so myself