Saturday, March 3, 2007

hugs n kisses

Well today I have actually sat at the machine and done something!!!!
I'm doing hugs n kisses BOM (block of the month) fairy kisses.
Mind you I am not quite doing it month by month BUT I am getting there.
Cut the squares for the border about two weeks ago - and the cat has happily been sleeping on them for me.
The photo shows the result - 6 months done (I think) and not bad if I do say so myself


Jasmine said...

Looking good. Hugs and Kisses is much better BOM than the other BOM at the moment, I am giving up on them, they SAY we are supposed to be havign rain bucketing down onour heads and it is llike bloodu Camelot again.

Nicole and Phil said...

this looksg reat! I really like the way the borders are done as well!