Saturday, March 10, 2007

been hard at work all week

Well not much to report for this week.
I've had to work three days at Tattslotto due to one of the owners having an operation and today (Saturday morning) at the local fabric shop - but thats fun!!!!
all Ive got done quilt wise is that the blue and yellow quilt is "finally" properly finished so photo here to show you.
The pattern is a free one from the internet on and is called pineapple blossom but I've called mine "Golden Circle" after the aussie brand of pineapple - and believe it or not we are using the quilt as a floor rug in the lounge room
That's what happens when you have too many quilt!!!

Apart from that just work, work and more work and farm stuff and housework inbetween!!!


Nicole and Phil said...

I love your Golden Circle quilt! What a great name! LOL....that's that part I always have trouble with.

Tracy said...

Love the Quilt :)