Saturday, January 16, 2010

a quilty finish - breast of friends

This quilt has been a bit of an ongoing saga. When it was first listed in the homespun magazine I loved it - it was a block or two each month in the magazine. So I made block one. Then of course I forgot about it and had to chase up the patterns and old mags etc.
Then a lady at my patchwork group brought the finished quilt for show and tell and I remembered about it and decided to make it (again) BUT after a few blocks I again lost interest.
According to the original pattern it is huge - king size I think or maybe even bigger. I decided I didnt really need another huge quilt as its not one that could do with lots of washings cut a long story short I decided to make up the blocks that I had and make a wallhanging from them, which Ive done and finished and its hanging above my sewing machine and I quite like it.
So a ufo is finished - hooray - breast of friends, the wallhanging.
P.S. Day 16


Lindi said...

It looks good as a wallhanging! Don't forget to post on GIDY Girls. :)

Julie said...

I love your wall hanging! It looks so good!