Tuesday, January 26, 2010

look what I whipped up yesterday!!!

Well as I posted yesterday afternoon - I started cutting out a quilt yesterday.
Well last night I was home alone (I dont think Ive EVER been home alone here) as Gary had a bowls tournament and the girls are in Melbourne.
I was going to watch the tv and do some handwork but there was nothing on the tv so whilst listening to Keith Urban singing and Joyce Meyer speaking I managed to piece the whole top together.
I think it looks great - lovely and bright and fresh and not colours I normally use.
Amazingly its the same pattern as this other quilt I made earlier - same, same but different.


Julie said...

Your evening sounds like total bliss! Love the quilt top! the colours are just lovely.

blossom said...

Well done Di, it is wonderful,happy & bright.

Pam (alias Blossom)

Banaghaisge said...

It is another lovely quilt - well done that girl!!!