Saturday, January 30, 2010

whats in the box?

Thought I would let you know what in my box of goodies at the moment (this is the box that sits next to where I sit in the loungeroom with a variety of project on the go in it) I last showed you the contents on January 14th, so two weeks later this is the result
- english paper pieced hexagons - no progress
- knitting cream vest/cardi for me - this is new
- brownyn hayes stitchery - still going, some progress made
- beading sampler - this is new, class Im taking from quilt university
- blue crossstiched printed panel - no progress
- 2 quilters companion mags - half read
- embroidered bag - started but I dont really like it, the colours that came in the kit dont really stand out, thinking of undoing what Ive done and beading it instead
SO.....some old, some new, some progress, some NOT

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