Friday, January 15, 2010

my poor feet

Some of you might know that I work in the local Tattslotto agency one day a week - more often if its busy etc.
Well today I worked and my feet are paying the price they are sore and swollen....but they do look nice all nailpolished up due to the pedicure I had a couple of days ago with the voucher the girls gave me for Christmas.
I think I am going to have to invest in a pair of comfy nanna shoes as each week my feet just ache more and more - its obviously all the standing etc on basically a concrete floor.
BTW have you noticed this is day 15 of my "trying to blog everyday" and still managed to blog even after spending the day at work - go me!!!!!!


Di said...

Yes, go you, Di!!! Sorry about the sore tootsies, though :-(
Cheers, Di

mazaquilt said...

Hi Di,
Writing a journal or being consistent in doing something regularly[like exercise!] every day is hard to maintain and you need all our support to keep encouraging you.
Remember it takes doing something 21 times in a row for it to become a habit but break the consistency for 5-7 times and it is lost.
I admire your persistence in this endeavour and at the end of the year you will look back on all of this as a huge achievement. maybe after 21 days you should reward yourself with something... a piece of fabric you have lusted after, a day out doing something totally wasteful...a movie etc..
take care,
Marilyn in Cedar Grove Qld[QDU]

bombom said...

Di your whole body will benefit from some good, comfy nanna shoes, I can vouch for them, I would never be without them now. Cheers, Bron