Saturday, January 9, 2010

are they nearly ready to leave the nest?

Well our baby kookaburras are nearly ready to leave the nest, so Gary and Megan have been handling them every day - to get them friendly!!!
I'm amazed how big they have grown and how quickly.


Lynda said...

You are so will be special if they come back to visit. Do you think they will??

Mary-anne said...

I had a pet kookaburra when I was a kid - we got him as a fledgling (his mum was killed) and he lived in the backyard. He was never caged and I fed him eveyr night with meat cut up to look like worms. I had him for years until one day he flew away, I guess he just grew up - but he did come back to visit. My step aunt, who is only four years older than me had his sibling.Lovely memories of "Kooka" - thank you