Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another quilt made and knitting too!

After all the excitement and anticipation of Sarah's uni offer, Ive been keeping myself busy (and distracted) by making another quick and easy quilt. This one is made from some charms squares I bought from shweshwe and a moda jelly roll in basic cream. Very quick and easy and looks quite good I think.

Ive also finished off a hat I had in my "beside the chair box" that I showed you the other day and there was at least half a ball of wool left so knitted another hat with it - so two new winter hats for Mia are ready for her!


WendyC said...

I love your shweshwe quilt. I have a whole stack of shweshwe fabric I bought on atrip to SA in 2004. Enough for a skirt too.. guess I had better use it.

Julie said...

The quilt looks wonderful, it is amazing what use charm squares can be, especially if you toss in some plain fabric!! Like making something out of nothing!