Friday, January 22, 2010

my how they grow!

Tonight Ive been thinking about my three girls and how they have grown.

Today Megan rode her horse Ruby into Cohuna to ride and have a day out with two girlfriends - its 8 kms approx there and it took her 40 minutes riding. Was she worried or scared? NO!!!
As for Sarah she headed off to Bendigo for a day out with her friend Hayley. She called in to see me at work before they left and she looked lovely - confident and self assured.

And Aimee called me this morning to tell me that Mia is now wearing knickers and doing really well with toilet training.
I think somehow Ive raised three fabulous girls. BTW this is one of my absolute favorite photos of them - it was taken at mine and Gary's wedding nearly four years ago.


Sally Westcott said...

My How They Grow!

Gee - I gave birth to 2 beautiful girls, and when they were 11 and 13 I added two more beautiful girls, 12 and 14. The daughters of my soul mate (now my Sweet Pea (DH)!

I am now the Mum of 4 and the Wally (Long story - read grandma) of 8! The ride has been better than any ride on the Gold Coast! I do miss the little girls but they have all grown up to be the most amazingly strong women I have ever met!

Julie said...

I know exactly how you feel about your girls, I have just the one, but I feel so very proud of the wonderful woman she is growing up to be! Congratulations!

cinzia said...

22 posts.. that's impressive. Keep it up.

Banaghaisge said...

They look so gorgeous - I remember taking that photo!
And remember you bought those frocks on eBay (what was it? Thirty dollars for the lot or so, and they looked stunning).
So grown up - isn't it a GREAT feeling!!!!