Wednesday, October 31, 2012

why we pulled an all nighter

 Oh how nice it would be to tell you that we had been up all last night partying and generally having fun.  Well the first part is true, but not the second. Yes we were up all night - raking, baling and carting hay but no partying.
Finished up around 5 am and this photo was taken not that much later.
The sunrise was gorgeous - all lovely pinks etc.
Helped Gary milked (and yes I managed to get through a WHOLE MILKING!!!)
Even managed to hose out the yard and help the vet with two sick cows, so fairly proud of myself.
And what was it all for....this (or this below - 119 bales of vetch silage, which I might add the cows had a sampling of tonight and virtually liked the ground clean.
As for me - Im off to bed!


Lynne said...

It really is a tough life -- not the romantic dream that some seem to have. Thank God for all farmers and food producers.

Diane-crewe said...

have a good rest xx keep safe x