Wednesday, October 3, 2012

sort of sorting

No photos today - the place (well my crafting area) is in a mess being tidied.  I've just stopped for a break.  But lots has been achieved and got rid of.
I've been fairly ruthless - stuff I dont think Ill ever get around to using or doing has gone into one of four (yes four!!!) garbage bags and I've taken them into the local trash and treasure for them to sell and make money from.
Yes I could have tried to sell them on ebay or one of the online groups that I am on, but I wanted to get rid of the "stuff" NOW and not wait and not change my mind.  And the profits from the trash and treasure goes to a good cause.
I've now got a fairly largish pile of stuff I want to finish off - at least 8 things I think in the "immediate pile" so I will see how I go.
P.S. I dont even know how some of the stuff got here - cos some of it I dont even remember buying!

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Lynne said...

I'm sure you feel much better after de-cluttering! Somehow it really lifts our spirits, doesn't it?