Friday, October 5, 2012

a finish - great granny quilt along

Thanks to the lovely Linda I now have a quilt made from scraps, batting used was scraps joined together and even the backing was a piece I had just sitting waiting to be used.
As mentioned earlier, Linda has mentioned on her blog that she was making these great granny blocks, and as I was just home from hospital I was inspired.  Not able to scrounge around in my fabric tubs, I found that I could delve in my scrap tub - and this is the result.
Lovely and bright and sort of free!


Lynne said...

Very nice indeed!

Linda said...

I'm sorry I missed reading this post until now! But I'm so happy for you to have made this quilt, and especially from ONLY your scraps! It's really wonderful. You did a great job picking color combinations.