Tuesday, January 28, 2014

tidying up and using up

I've had a busy time cleaning up my now much smaller sewing area.  Before we renovated I had a much bigger space but due to having to move a large kitchen hutch into our sun room, my sewing area is now a lot smaller - although I have gained extra storage!Once I decided to clean though it wasnt too bad - and I found things I had forgotten (as you do!) even chocolate - but it was off so serve me right.
In the process I refound several plastic baggies of leftover fabric from various things I had made - so Im determined to use them up or if not move them on to someone who will use them.  First two efforts are shown here - the lap size quilt is made up of leftover tumbler blocks from a large bed quilt I gifted to Mia last year and the table runner is from leftover Egyptian fabric I had from a queen sized quilt I made Aimee probably 6 years ago - but now all used up and two (yes two!!!) empty plastic baggies. Its a good feeling.


Laren said...

Well done, the tidy bug strikes again. Love the tumbler block quilt!!

Diane-crewe said...

isnt it just amazing what you find!! I MUST have a clean up soon xx enjoy your sewing