Friday, January 10, 2014

a bit of cleaning and culling going on

Well as its the new year - of course I had to have a bit of a declutter and reassess of my crafting activities.
I dug out the kit for a BOM that I had (craftsy 2013 block of the month) and had a go at doing the first block - difficulties from the word go, not the block or the sewing but having to download dvds and instructions on the internet and of course it was a day when our internet connection was not that good was terrible.  After doing the first months block I had a good hard look at the whole quilt and realised that I really didnt like it! I do however like the fabrics.  Was brave and decided that there is no point carrying on making something I dont like as chances are it will never get finished.....and thankfully the patterns were free so nothing lost there.
Hunted out a great pattern giant scrappy dresden and Im going to use my fabrics to make it
Spent most of this afternoon cutting out and was oh so amazed how much easier it is to cut fabric when you replace your rotary cutter blade! Also used my new kitchen bench to cut on as its the perfect height - and being an overachiever I did exercises (mainly squats) inbetween each change of fabric!
When I finished all of that (several hours work) I decided to give my mat a clean as shown on Linda's blog  here
So all in all a quite productive day - just now need to do LOTS of sewing to join it all together!


Diane-crewe said...

Im always amazed when I change my blade at how well it works!! then I carry on .. and forget!! lol x well done you for ditching the pattern and starting again xx

Lynne said...

Wise move to dump the quilt that wasn't doing it for you! Life is too short to waste on projects we don't like! Like your idea of doing squats between fabrics. My cutting table was made by husband to exactly the same height as the kitchen benches -- t is the perfect height for cutting. A sharp rotary blade makes the work much easier too. And thanks for the tip on cutting mat care; I wonder if it'll work on my blue Birch mat?