Thursday, January 23, 2014

I dont know about anyone else but I have HEAPS and HEAPS of crafty things that are just sitting around waiting to be done.  As part of a challenge to myself I am on a quest to use up my oldest yarn first - this yarn pictured is was an oldest unused yarn, I bought it over 4 years ago.  The pattern is this one which is was also one of the oldest in my queue on ravelry.
Im quite pleased with how they turned out and have gifted them to a fellow raveller for a swap with the them "owls" as I thought they were an owly colour.

Next finish - and next oldest yarn
to use up was this lovely to knit with cleckheaton bamboo yarn, I made two fairly but effective dishcloths from it and I think they turned out quite well.

The other challenge to myself is to go "cold sheep" = so no buying of yarn for at least til the end of January - so far so good - but oh its hard.
Stay tuned to find out if I made it!

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