Thursday, September 13, 2012


I havent been idle - but actually quite productive - its amazing what you can get done when you are "grounded" (i.e. not able allowed to drive).  I've made these 6 blocks after seeing a post on Linda's blog - granny squares I think they are called.  Im using scraps from my scrap tub that I had already cut into 2 1/2' strips so no delving etc required - and so far so good!

Secondly, I've managed to finish another stitchery - this one a heart as can be seen here on the left.  I think the money for this went towards Breast Cancer research or something similar when I bought the kit.  Anyway it turned out pretty well - used the lovely cosmo embroidery threads and they are fabulous to use, they hardly ever knot etc.  Quite liking this rekindling of my love of doing stitcheries - plenty more in my stash to do!


Lynne said...

Those Granny Squares are certainly popular around bogland at the moment and yours look good. I like your stitchery too.

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your Great Granny blocks! They're looking wonderful, and the bonus is that you're using scraps?! It's a great feeling, isn't it? Good work!