Friday, September 21, 2012

a decision made

I've finally made a decision after much thought and discussion - I was (a couple of months ago - before stuff happened) very keen to run for local council.  I had had many people ask me to run and offered their support and/or help which was very flattering.
However events over the past little while have made me realise that now might not be the best time to take on something as time intensive as this. 
So I've decided NOT to throw my hat into the ring.
On the plus and finishing side - I've finished something else - this embroidery sampler that Mum gave me I dont know how long ago to do for her - I think it was a freebie in a magazine or something, I dont honestly remember as it was so long ago.
Anyway its done now, and bound and ready to be given to Mum when I next visit her - btw got the border, backing and binding materials from Mum - she was so excited to go through fabric with me and choose them!


Lynne said...

The little sampler is very cute!

Linda said...

How nice to have this finish for your mother. Did you give it to her yet? And what was her response? Did she absolutely love it?