Saturday, September 29, 2012

grand final day

Well its grand final day in the afl today - hawthorn are playing sydney swans.
Im not really that fussed who wins but if I have to choose Ill choose Hawthorn.
And what have I been doing - apart from watching a bit of the footy as its broadcast live?
Finishing off stuff - this time a pair of socks hermiones every days socks and a table topper I've made from a "Dessert Roll" that someone gifted me years ago - its my own design, nothing flash but I quite like it! I buttonhole stitched the centre flowers after attaching them with vliseofix and pieced the background from the roll strips
P.S. Swans won by 10 points

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Lynne said...

AFL is not a game I grew up with -- NSW is really more of a Rugby state! But there were a lot of happy Sydneysiders -- even those who don't follow the game. My brother, who lives in Sydney, is a Hawthorn supporter, so he was very disappointed!