Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new and exciting

Yesterday our new (yes brand new!!!) tractor arrived.  Its a Valtra N101 for the experts.  Very new and shiny and red - which means it goes fast.....well Gaz had it going 42 kms down the road and you wouldnt even know it.
Yes Ive had a drive, a short one, and yes it has heaps of gadgets and buttons etc.  And yes the bank owns more of it than we do....BUT....we've done the sums and realised that we have spent so much on tractor repairs etc in the past year or two that we just might as well buy it!
Our workers jokes that we will never see Gaz now as he will always be in the tractor!
And what did I get - well half a tractor but also a nice shiny red ride on mower! Yay!!!!! Nice lawns and gardens look out


Banaghaisge said...

Hooray!!!! Better put a stearing wheel lock on it so Santa doesn't flog it for his new sleigh! What a wonderful thing - TWO wonderful things to acquire. Can you put a trailer or a tiller on your own little tractor? Has it got PTO????
Goodness, you wont get anything sewn/knitted/cooked now- you will be doing circle work out in the paddocks!
Will post your birthday pressie soon...
Hugs to you MBGF, xxxx

Lynne said...

Now all we need is a good summer - enough rain but not too much - for all things to be wonderful!

I have just returned from a trip to northwest NSW where I was trapped in Moree due to flooding. Once again I was reminded that life is never easy on the land so thank you both, and to all farming families my heartfelt gratitude!

Vickie said...

oh wow I looove your new tractor -that should make work a tad easier and comfy,cheers Vickie