Monday, November 7, 2011

a new addition

A new addition has arrived.....a new fridge!
Our old one was dying a slow death - according to Gaz it could be 30 years old so I think he got his moneys worth!
He still thought the old one was ok - I was worried about it dying on a stinking hot day in summer when I couldnt get the fridge I wanted and would have to buy whatever was in the shop.
So......with the money I have earnt from sitting on a couple of boards.....I proudly introduce the new fridge - its a Kelvinator upside down fridge - looks lovely and clean!
Do I go and put all the pictures etc and magnets back on it as before I wonder?


Lynne said...

We bought a new fridge in 2007 - the old one died while we were away in the Northern Territory! Fortunately someone was here looking after the house for us. We also redecorated in 2007 and no, the magnets didn't go back on the front of that sparkling clean fridge.

Banaghaisge said...

ooohhhh!!! It is the samesame mine new fridge!!! Nah, time to get new stuff for the fridge. I even draped alength of vintage kitchenish material over the top of mine (because it is so big I shall never grow tall enough to dust the top of it). I reckon the freezer with it's fancy pants drawers doesn't hold as much as the ancient fridge (cos I had to chuck stuff out rather than squezze it back in. That icecream that thawed last blackout and I refroze for one). XXXX