Sunday, January 10, 2016

Preciousness kal

Over on Ravelry one of the forums I participate in is Aussie karma swaps.
One of the ladies put up a challenge that we were to knit/crochet up one of our precious yarns - hence the title preciousness knit along.
I chose to use up two skeins of art yarns beaded pearl and sequins yarn that I bought in a destash from another raveler.   Yarn is gorgeous - but naughty.  Doesn't like to be wound into a ball and is a pain to knit with and sewing in the ends was extremely challenging.
I'm glad I didn't have a long and complicated pattern to knit with, just a simple drop stitch cowl pattern.  But it did turn out beautifully and drapes in a very lovely way.
So I guess this is now TWO things finished in 2016 - I'm on a roll!

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