Saturday, January 12, 2013

revisiting/resurrecting an old friend

Today I had a rare few hours by myself - Gary had gone to play bowls and I had nothing I had to do while he was gone, so decided to dig through my ufos.  Guess what I found? One of the two dear janes I have been working on VERY spasmodically. This one I've been working on since 2006.  Don't think I've touched it for two years but today I got to see the light of day.
It's not the complete quilt but about 2/3rds of it and I'm doing storm at sea sashings.
After spending a good half an hour working out exactly where I was up to I managed to get six of the cornerstone blocks done, as well as printing out a heap of foundation papers and sorting out what went where.  Mind you I had to actually force, and I mean force, myself to start doing this, but once I got going I got into the swing of things and really enjoyed myself.  I'm going to try and keep going and actually get this one finished sometime in the nearish future.


Lynne said...

I hadn't realised how small those blocks are!

Joy V said...

That's great Diane. Well done and I love your sashing blocks. Will wait with baited breath to see it finished!!!

Diane-crewe said...

as long as it is FUN go with it xx

Linda H. said...

Oh, I sure know what you mean about forcing yourself to work on something. But when you do, the same thing always happens... you're so glad you DID get started, and sometimes you don't even want to stop! I'm very happy for you to have had this lull in your day so you could dig in again. Good for you!

Liz Needle said...

my Dear jane has been a WIP since 2000. Every now and then I get her out and do another block or two. I have done all the centre blocks and bout 8 of the triangles. One day!!!