Monday, January 7, 2013

first finish of the year!

With the weather being so hot - as can be seen by this photo that was taken two days ago in Cohuna (15 minutes drive away) at 7.30pm
and of course with the cricket being on the television - thanks to my Grandpa who taught me from a very young age to really appreciate the "proper cricket" - i.e. test cricket and of course the "holy grail" of cricket - the ashes closely followed by the boxing day test, neither of which was on but still a great test game between Australia and Sri Lanka I have been working on not one but four projects at once, working on each as the mood takes me.
Photo of all four is here - crocheted blanket in bendigo cotton, embroidery block from "love is" block of the month, a sock I am test knitting and chair covers for the two lounge chairs.
I'm doing a bit on each in no particular order - just as the mood strikes me.
But trying to do a "little bit" of each daily.

Today I managed to finish the chair seat covers and they look quite good I think, just strips from my scrap container and they are to protect the seats of our lounge chairs from dirt, cow poo etc that might be on peoples bottoms (Gary!!!!) when they sit down.
Now on to finish something else - or should I start something new????????

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Lynne said...

A little bit every day is a great way to get through projects.