Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I spent a lovely day in Bendigo yesterday babysitting my two granddaughters Mia and Maddison.  They were both so good and we had a great time.  I even managed to get Maddison to have a sleep and she slept for 45 in her cot during the day which apparently is unheard of - I must have the Nanna touch!
The absolute highlight was that Maddison said "nan" for the first time and continued to say it over and over so I got it on film!
I also took my Mum with me for a day out and she had a great time too - after our "work" was done we did a bit of shopping and then headed home - tired but happy.


Lynne said...

Grandchildren are such a blessing, aren't they?

Annette said...

Lovely photos....although tiring I also love babysitting the grandchildren, aren't they lucky to have a great grandmother also, lots of photos so they remember!!! Take care