Friday, January 27, 2012

kids and hoses

Today I went to Bendigo and  brought Mia back with me as she is as her fathers this weekend.  As we had a bit of spare time before he came to collect her - she came up to the dairy and helped us with herd testing - herd testing is something we do each 6 weeks or so and a small sample is taken from each cow and sent away for testing - then the litres each cow is producing, the components of their milk, their cell count etc is sent to us in a report.  Sound a pain(and it is!)  but very necessary for herd management.
Anyways I digress - Mia had time with us in the dairy so of course Gary had to try and squirt her with the hose and of course she didnt like that.  So....once Garys back was turned she squirted him and then was
"very helpful" in hosing cow poo off people feet, legs etc.  However when I asked her to squirt my feet she misaimed and I ended up with wet knickers - thank goodness its almost 40 degrees celsius so I really didnt mind!

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Lynne said...

Grand-kids are great fun, aren't they?