Monday, June 13, 2011

who would be a dairy farmer?

Who would be a dairy farmer? I just took this photo and its 7.30am.  Its now a toasty warm 5 degrees and Gary has been up since 5.30 to milk. 
Is foggy and icy outside and freeeeeeeeeezing!!!!
Being the good wife that I am - I took him up a nice warm cup of tea (actually I do that every morning - rain, hail or shine).
Thank goodness my calves are now all weaned so I no longer have to go up and do those duties early in the morning.
And yes I do milk - just not this morning!
SO -
The next time you make a cuppa and add milk, or actually use milk, cheese, butter etc at all - think of the process that it took to get to your kitchen - and the cold man/woman who started the chain rolling!


Lynne said...

Thank you to you and Gary and all other dairy farmers!

Ramona said...

Hugs, hugs and more hugs, Thankyou,
what we do with out all those goodies!!
Oh!!! hasn't that 'baby' grown.
The last time we 'spoke' she was just born!!!

Julie said...

Now I thought perhaps giving up dairly would help to keep you warm in your bed, but probably not really the best of ideas!!!So I'll keep glugging away!