Friday, January 7, 2011

mosquitos - I really dont like you (sorry)

At the moment in our area we have a plague of mosquitos (this is following the plague of locusts - I definately think we are in the end times!)
Mosquitos are nasty - they buzz around and they bite!
And they also can give you Ross River Virus.
I will give you 10 points if you can guess who has it?
If you said "me" you are correct.
Ive copied and pasted from the government website below -
What is the Ross River fever?
Ross River virus is one of a group of viruses called arboviruses (or arthropod-borne viruses), which are spread mainly by blood-sucking insects.

Ross River virus is a germ that infects people, particularly in rural areas, sometimes causing a flu-like illness with joint pains, rash and fever.

Ross River virus is not fatal.

What are the symptoms?

Many people who are infected with the virus will never develop symptoms.

Some people will have flu-like symptoms that include fever, chills, headache and aches and pains in the muscles and joints.

Some joints can become swollen, and joint stiffness may be particularly noticeable in the morning.

Sometimes a rash occurs on the body, arms or legs. The rash usually disappears after seven to 10 days.

A general feeling of being unwell, tired or weak may also occur at times during the illness. This may affect work performance.
Just charming! I have the rash, I alternating between hot and cold and ache in places I didnt even think you can ache.  Also hands and feet are swollen and sore.
Oh and just to make my joy complete, last night a nasty mozzie went in my ear while I was sleeping.  Ive syringed and syringed it with water and olive oil, its now dead but still in there.....hopefully tomorrow it will be gone.
Cant you tell I just love mozzies?

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Leonie said...

Oh no. I hope your version of Ross River is the one with no ongoing side effects, it can be a bugger of a thing :-(
Sending you lots of healing thoughts and hoping that the farms have and will continue to stay above water for you.