Tuesday, January 25, 2011

flood update

Floods, floods, floods - we are sick and tired of them
They are tiring, they are draining, they are extremely annoying and in our case they take a long, long time to come and go - not that I am asking for flash flooding, but I think you know what I mean.
At this stage, our second farm (which is down the end of the road where our main farm is, around 2.5 kms) is completley under water.  Completely underwater means nearly 2 metres under water.
The channel bank that is stopping that water from flowing down the hill to not just our farm and home but many others is still holding.  Some patching up has been done and the authorities have now changed their thoughts from evacuate! to cautiously optimistic.
SO we are trying to be "normal" - well as normal as one can be a these times.
Ive had my parents living here with me for the last week as they live in Kerang, which was evacuated and surrounded by water.  Today they are able to go home, which is fantastic for them.
We wont have to also have the extra worry or worrying about their safety too which will be great!
These photos I took last night, Gary and Megan decided to wade through the waters! Yes I know, shouldnt be done but they couldnt be stopped.
I must say that although everything is surrounded by water, it does look beautiful doesnt it?


Ozjane said...

Thank God for His loving tender care...may you continue to be safe and may there be at least long term benefit from a broken drought.

Leonie said...

Oh no I hope your second farm survives it's drowning and hope the barrier wall holds and keeps the water away from the main farm. Good news for your parents and it will be a relief to have one less thing to worry about.

ozjane said...

Looking at those again the verse He makes everything beautiful in its time comes to mind. They really are beautiful. Should look at snapfish specials and see if you can get a special on a large print or a canvas...they have some good specials at times.