Friday, March 19, 2010

friday flaunt - block 3 done!

Im making good progress with the Aunt Millie's flower garden blocks- block 3 is now done and Ive traced/cut out most of the components for block 4 - this one has HEAPS of pieces in it, so I think it might take a while to complete.  Im quite enjoying working on these although 12 blocks finished seems a long way away!

Friday, March 12, 2010

block 2 done!

Block 2 of Aunt Millies Flower Garden is now done!!! and I can see that my needleturn IS improving.  Thankyou to all the lovely comments people posted about block one - must admit that although people are congratulating me on my bold colour choices etc, I didnt choose them - its a block of the month based on the original quilt, so I cant take the credit!!! BUT they are lovely colours arent they.  BTW block 3 is well on the way too.

Monday, March 8, 2010

might not be perfect but look what Ive done

Ok I might not be the worlds best needleturn appliquer but Ive managed to finish the first block of Aunt Millies Flower Garden - Ive actually had the whole set sitting here waiting for quite some time., ok a really long time, it was a block of the month (12 blocks) and all the blocks are sitting here ready to go.  I know its not perfect but Im quite happy with it!  Now on to block 2

Sunday, March 7, 2010

two giveaways

Two of my friends have giveaways on their blogs at the moment - jasmine and linda so pop over to their blogs and have a look!
As for me Im not well- have the flu/cold thingy, no voice Im here but not doing too well. Ive come down with a really good dose of the flu/cold. No voice, lots of sniffing and coughing and a lovely high fever.
I couldn’t even go to work on Friday and that’s a bit sad as I only work one day a week (Friday) and to have to call in sick is not good.
Ive been keeping myself busy inside and not going outside unless I really have to
Have finished a Gloria Loughman small quilt which I did in a class
Last night I dragged out my Aunt Millies Flower Garden BOM which I haven’t even started and the whole set has been sitting here patiently waiting.
Its needleturned so lovely to do while watching the tv
Prayer for healing would be great – Im rostered on to sing morning and night on Sunday – at this stage that is NOT going to happen – but God does work miracles

Friday, March 5, 2010

alpine village aka gloria loughman quilt done!

Late last year I did a weekend quilt class with gloria loughman that my local pathchwork group in Cohuna had organised. The deal was that we got to do the class really cheaply but the con was that we had to have the quilt we made completed ready to be hung at the Victorian Quilters Showcase in July, but our quilts had to be finished in March so that they could be photographed etc. Yep it sounded easy at the time! In the class I got heaps done and promptly put it away as I had "heaps of time"
Did I??? Of course not!!! It was all of a sudden March and mine wasnt done.
OK then I thought to myself, get to it. SO I did and here is the result. Im actually really pleased with it and Gary is even impressed (which is not an easy compliment to come by I can tell you)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

university quilt

Sarah is starting university (well she sort of has started - she had "o" week last week.)
Of course that calls for a quilt! So she has scored the bright and funky quilt I started a few weeks ago - it came up pretty good even if I do say so myself.
And most importantly - she loves it!