Friday, March 5, 2010

alpine village aka gloria loughman quilt done!

Late last year I did a weekend quilt class with gloria loughman that my local pathchwork group in Cohuna had organised. The deal was that we got to do the class really cheaply but the con was that we had to have the quilt we made completed ready to be hung at the Victorian Quilters Showcase in July, but our quilts had to be finished in March so that they could be photographed etc. Yep it sounded easy at the time! In the class I got heaps done and promptly put it away as I had "heaps of time"
Did I??? Of course not!!! It was all of a sudden March and mine wasnt done.
OK then I thought to myself, get to it. SO I did and here is the result. Im actually really pleased with it and Gary is even impressed (which is not an easy compliment to come by I can tell you)


Margaret said...

Looks great Di, well done.

Fran C said...

That's lovely Blessed, bright and cheery.

cinzia said...

Looks great and what better motivation to finish than a deadline.

Mary-anne said...

Beautiful. Mine is finished too, must take a photo and blog it. Not today though, just home from Port Fairy Folk festival and have a tiny bit of laundry to do!

Ann said...

I love it! Very beautiful. Ann :)