Sunday, March 7, 2010

two giveaways

Two of my friends have giveaways on their blogs at the moment - jasmine and linda so pop over to their blogs and have a look!
As for me Im not well- have the flu/cold thingy, no voice Im here but not doing too well. Ive come down with a really good dose of the flu/cold. No voice, lots of sniffing and coughing and a lovely high fever.
I couldn’t even go to work on Friday and that’s a bit sad as I only work one day a week (Friday) and to have to call in sick is not good.
Ive been keeping myself busy inside and not going outside unless I really have to
Have finished a Gloria Loughman small quilt which I did in a class
Last night I dragged out my Aunt Millies Flower Garden BOM which I haven’t even started and the whole set has been sitting here patiently waiting.
Its needleturned so lovely to do while watching the tv
Prayer for healing would be great – Im rostered on to sing morning and night on Sunday – at this stage that is NOT going to happen – but God does work miracles

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