Thursday, January 24, 2008

pinwheel pirouette

Another UFO finished - this one is called pinwheel pirouette and was made from a jelly roll(for those who dont know what a jelly roll is it is 2 1/2 inch strips of a whole fabric range all rolled up like a swiss roll)
Im going to give it to a dear friend Kerry who is having a special birthday - 45 - hope she enjoys it

Monday, January 21, 2008


Well I did the unthinkable and cleaned my sewing area up!!!
And I have sorted out my scraps into a much better system - got a heap of plastic containers (label said meat containers - about manilla folder size and about 4 inches deep) and have sorted my scraps into colours, Ive a garbage bag of scraps "left over" that I am giving to a girl starting out quilting - took ages to do but I think this system works - I needed a scrap of green the other day and went to the tub and found one.
The trick will be to keep on putting them in it as I go..........sigh......
BUT while I was cleaning/sorting etc found a bag of scraps leftover from a flannel quilt I made Mia that I had promised Megan I would make something for her from (as you do) and made up this cushion for her - didnt take long and she was very happy with it

Sunday, January 13, 2008

beading finally finished!!!!!!

Finally finished my beading "sampler" from the Southern Cross Quilters retreat in Bendigo last year. The class was taught by Lisa Walton - I called it "Just one more bead please" - thought it was appropriate
Ive just added a "second " photo of the beading - and hopefully a clearer one

another table runner

I thought the colours I used for my sudoko quilt went so well together that I made a table runner from the leftovers - and it also helped with my stash reduction exercise that I am trying to do

bathing beauties

Here's my two "babies" enjoying a bath together - my "baby" Megan and my granddaughter Mia

crazy mom blocks

Who else is doing the quilt along blocks on ??
here are my first eight

Saturday, January 5, 2008

sudoko quilt

Finished my sudoko quilt today (courtesy of the stashbuster list)
Doesnt it look good - based on a sudoko puzzle - no fabrics the same are in the same "line'

mia and santa

Sorry all - very remiss of me.
Forgot to post the obligatory photo of Mia on Santas knee at Myers...enjoy!!!