Saturday, January 5, 2008

sudoko quilt

Finished my sudoko quilt today (courtesy of the stashbuster list)
Doesnt it look good - based on a sudoko puzzle - no fabrics the same are in the same "line'


Lissa Jane said...



Jenny said...

looks great love the colours

hellcat1948 said...

Your quilt is georgous. Where did you get the pattern? Is it your own or did you buy it some where?

Lindi said...

What a great idea! Your colours work really well.

Jane said...

I like it.
Can you strip piece any of it
or is it all single square to square.

Oh dear I must stop sleeping and start sewing....vbg.

Julie said...

Let me get out my scrap containers and cut out some squares....that looks like a simple way to use 'em up! They'll be empty in no time!!!LOL

Quiltycat said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the fabrics.
Have a whole lot of those kind myself. Problem is that they are in Victoria and I'm currently in Brisbane.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Katherine said...

Beautiful. Yummy colours.