Monday, January 21, 2008


Well I did the unthinkable and cleaned my sewing area up!!!
And I have sorted out my scraps into a much better system - got a heap of plastic containers (label said meat containers - about manilla folder size and about 4 inches deep) and have sorted my scraps into colours, Ive a garbage bag of scraps "left over" that I am giving to a girl starting out quilting - took ages to do but I think this system works - I needed a scrap of green the other day and went to the tub and found one.
The trick will be to keep on putting them in it as I go..........sigh......
BUT while I was cleaning/sorting etc found a bag of scraps leftover from a flannel quilt I made Mia that I had promised Megan I would make something for her from (as you do) and made up this cushion for her - didnt take long and she was very happy with it

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swooze said...

Love the cushion. I just did a pink, green and white quilt and loved the combo.