Monday, April 2, 2007

egyptian quilts for the new grandchild

I dared to cut into some Holy Fabric yesterday. About 2 years ago I made Aimee an Egyptian quilt - most of the fabric used I swapped with others on internet quilting list as I wasnt able to source much Egyptian type fabric at the time - mind you its easy to get now!!!
Anyways I digress.....

There was a sizable amount of fabric left over -and SOOOO lovely - all golds and bronzes and very Nice Indeed
Yesterday I bravely decided to make Aimee's impending child (any day now!!!) a cot quilt to match hers - and I still had some fabric left so I made a bassinette cover as well!!!
theres still some left!!!
Photos dont do the quilts justice - they are gorgeous and gold and the gorgeous pregnant girly in the photo is Aimee tonight (38 weeks) doctor is a bit worried cos the baby is a size of a 33 week baby so might be induced today - waiting to see about that!!!

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Di said...

Mum and baby quilts to match - how clever! And in such gorgeous colours! Aimee obviously loves those tones since she looks so glowing in her cami top. I will be eagerly watching for news of the bub on Tuesday or Wednesday, Di. Prayers for a safe arrival. Love, Di in Darling Point