Tuesday, August 16, 2011

meet 2149

Please welcome 2149 (also known as Dora according to Mia) to our herd.
First calf of the season and its a girl!  Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.
Thankfully I am all but finished with the census and am actually enjoying a day at home doing farm work.  Spent time walking thru the calving cows and teaching this little one to drink from a feeder.
Didnt realise how much I missed it all as Ive hardly been home lately.  Mind you ask me the same thing in a few days and I might not have the same answer!


Lynne said...

Welcome Dora!!

I have been in and out every day for what seems like weeks and can't wait to have a whole day at home tomorrow!!

knottygal said...

Dora is a'dora'ble!! cudnt resist it.. enjoy your day of rest..

Ozjane said...

I was thinking leggins was a great name...and then I saw Dora.
What a sweetie.
I like em from a reasonable distance. The one thing my Mother forbid me to learn was how to milk a cow. I think I learned but not officially. Either Dad's job or hers. However I learned to make excellent butter and could still give lessons. Still have the butter pats.
We had a jersey for years.
But I hated chooks and nobody saved me from then. Mum would drag me through the show chook pavilion and we went almost every day when I was a kid. Yuckoh.

Julie said...

2149, now this is a lovely name, may have to suggest it to my daughter for her next bub perhaps??