Sunday, August 7, 2011

catch up

In case you have been worried- I havent fallen off the perch or anything- just been incredibly busy. Garys leg is a little better but he is now paying the price for getting back to things much sooner than he should have.  Im often needed to help out and of course Im happy to do so - it just doesnt always seem to be at a convenient time!
Also the last week we have had a student from Japan staying with us- her name is Risa and she has (hopefully) had a great time here with us -

 milking and doing farm work etc and Megan and I took her to Murrabit market yesterday(Saturday) to do some shopping. 

 Megan drove and she is getting quite good!

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Lynne said...

Glad to hear that Gary is doing much better.

We've hosted several Japanese students and a couple of teachers. It's great fun, isn't it?