Sunday, February 8, 2009

needing motivation

My sewing area looks like a disaster zone and as its part of the room that people walk into when they come into our home its embarrassing
So.....Ive posted photos here to MAKE me clean it up = hopefully will soon be able to post "clean and tidy" photos


Lady Hopwood said...

Just think how much more you will be able to get done when it is cleared :-)

Christine said...

I find if I tidy once a week I get a lot more done as I can't think straight when things are messy.

Good luck, have a great day.


Bernadette said...

LOL that looks sooo familiar! I am glad I am not the only one.

Betweens said...

a quick clean up would be a couple of marked containers that are see through dump it in there and then you have some room.. it is not as bad as you think...LOL I have seen much worse!!

Jeanne said...

That looks too familiar! Looking forward to the after photo.