Monday, February 9, 2009

hooray - success!!!!!!

Thanks to all of you have gave me sympathy about the state of my sewing area - two days later its done (well I still have to file stuff Ive printed off...but will do that tonight)


Vickie said...

wow you go girl that looks great-ermmm now you wanna come do mine,anh didn't think so aw well I'll just keep shutting the door..cheers Vickie

Elly D said...

Well done!! :)) Now would you like to come and do mine, LOL.
I have my sewing area in the living room area too. However, when my DS moved out I was able to move a lot of it into his room which is now my sewing 'store' room.. but there's still plenty in the living room >G< I don't think I'd like to actually sew locked away in a bedroom. Elly

Lady Hopwood said...

Wow, so Ruby and Megan are happy and you have a place to sew - result!

x Jo

Angela said...

I am IMPRESSED I actually spread myself over three rooms! well two and a nook in the hall, that's where the sewing machine lives, cupboards a mini ironing board space to sew but nothing else. Main mess room behind dining room, I made an effort to clean up and bought two bookcases to store books, mags and some fabric, still in process of organizing. Third room half of a spare bedroom, I had to move the table tennis table I was cutting out on when Alan bought me a quilting frame/machine which takes up most of this room now. Also we have a computer each now one in each top corner I have a corner desk Also a huge mess, but you have INSPIRED ME. GOOD ON YOU.,