Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No photo today

No photo today - sorry if you were looking forward to it.
Its cold - freezing cold but yesterday we had rain - hooray - and nearly an inch.
Keep growing paddocks....please
Today Gary and I 'sorted out' the herd - worked out which ones we will keep milking over the winter - and which will go on "holidays" until they calve in the spring. Vet is coming tomorrow to preg test those we want to keep milking - otherwise a couple might be going on the Big Truck - one way ticket to Uncle ben's..
So not very productive on much other stuff - didnt have breakfast until after 11 0'clock - so just had lunch at 3 ish....goodness!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

But wait there's more

Further to my post on Sunday of finishing and starting and new beginnings etc......there's more....if blogger will let me finally load the picture...oh the joys of being on hayband as opposed to broadband.
Here's Megan with a huge grin (that you cant see - but believe me its there!!!)
Sunday she had her first real "proper" ride of Rusty - even trotted.
She made me go to Echuca on Saturday to a shop I never thought I would see - Drovers, its a "horse" shop - we had to buy helmet and proper riding boots and of course a knotted thingy for the horses head and a lead rope (can u tell how clueless I am to all things horse)
Anyways she is one happy camper

Sunday, June 17, 2007

hooray something finished and a start made

Well today was a day of actually finishing something and a start made somewhere else.
Today I FINALLY (HOORAY!!!!) finished my needleturn applique "sampler" that I started in a class in Cohuna 18 months ago (at least - it could be even longer ago than that!!!) Here it is - and I even handquilted it too - please dont look too close tho!!

Secondly I finished my first block in the Oriental BOM from Chandlers Cottage - Im so far behind in this that I have the whole set to do - and one block comes each month....sigh....why do I sign up for BOMs???? (or block of the months for those not in the know BUT I did manage to vliseofix on all the "Bits" for Girls Day Out Month 1 BOM which I only received last week -so a record there - will try and keep on track with this one (fingers crossed)
So here is the Oriental Block One - Japanese Iris

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Megan has a horse

Megan has her own horse - and how proud is she!!!
I promised her when she was five that by the time she was ten she could have her own (real - not an ornament) horse.
Well she is 12 so Im only two years late
Cousins of Gary's sold their farm and are building in Bendigonia and dont need/want one of their horses - so Megan scored it - her name is Rusty and she is quite nice (thats a BIG statement for someone like me that absolutely hates horses)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

long time no time to post!!!!

How slack am I? Please don't answer its a rhetorical question!!!!!
Managed to pass by the whole month of May without a post. Mainly cos I've had no time at all. I've worked the last month at the local high school in the office PLUS my usual Friday work at tattslotto PLUS my useful farm stuff
SO here's a few catch up photos
Of Mia (of course) and her quilt that I finally finished - Hugs N Kisses Fairy Kisses which was a block of the month - and huge