Thursday, June 14, 2007

long time no time to post!!!!

How slack am I? Please don't answer its a rhetorical question!!!!!
Managed to pass by the whole month of May without a post. Mainly cos I've had no time at all. I've worked the last month at the local high school in the office PLUS my usual Friday work at tattslotto PLUS my useful farm stuff
SO here's a few catch up photos
Of Mia (of course) and her quilt that I finally finished - Hugs N Kisses Fairy Kisses which was a block of the month - and huge


Lissa Jane said...

g'day Nanna

your apprentice quilter is growing up so fast! Your quilt looks great, well done on the grandbaby and the quilt!

Di said...

Di, Mia is absolutely gorgeous! Looks quite angelic, I wonder if she is. Your quilt is spectacular too. You've put such a lot of work into it that it will become an heirloom. I've FINALLY caught up with blogging the last 2 months of my life, if you want to check it out. Phew, life sometimes just gets hectic, doesn't it? Love, Di J