Sunday, June 17, 2007

hooray something finished and a start made

Well today was a day of actually finishing something and a start made somewhere else.
Today I FINALLY (HOORAY!!!!) finished my needleturn applique "sampler" that I started in a class in Cohuna 18 months ago (at least - it could be even longer ago than that!!!) Here it is - and I even handquilted it too - please dont look too close tho!!

Secondly I finished my first block in the Oriental BOM from Chandlers Cottage - Im so far behind in this that I have the whole set to do - and one block comes each month....sigh....why do I sign up for BOMs???? (or block of the months for those not in the know BUT I did manage to vliseofix on all the "Bits" for Girls Day Out Month 1 BOM which I only received last week -so a record there - will try and keep on track with this one (fingers crossed)
So here is the Oriental Block One - Japanese Iris

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Lissa Jane said...

Your block looks fantabulous.. and your quilt! how do you find time? I have only a wee bit of embroidery to do on the Girls Day out and then Block 1 is done. Shame Block 2 arrived last week:O( so I am behind already and its only month 2! LOL I am with you, why do I sign up for BOM's???

quilty huggers