Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas 2014

Well here it is two days before Christmas and its 4 am in the morning – and I am finally getting around to writing my Christmas letter.  This is typical of the year that we have had this year – lots done. but where has the time gone and constantly chasing our tails!
Farmwise things are now going well – we had a huge setback earlier in the year when our autumn calving cows and heifers were on agistment and were not being looked after properly and ended up with salmonella – this meant bring them back here to the farm early and spending a lot of $ to get them back in good condition – however Praise God they are now healthy and well.  We have employed a worker 3 days a week to help out and this has eased the burden a bit.
Gary continues to enjoy being a dairy farmer with all the joys and challenges it brings and has recently been helping our builder reroof our home – it looks great!  He promises to take me fishing in our “spare time” which hasn’t quite happened yet!
I (Dianne) seem to never be home that much unfortunately but love it when I am here- who would want to be anywhere else?  I am now a board member of two boards – North Central Catchment Management Authority and Murray Dairy which involves lots of meetings and travel but is very fulfilling.  I graduated from the Company Directors Course this year as well.
Family wise- Adam continues to live and work in Mildura and has bought his own fishing boat and a new ute to tow it – although he is yet to catch a really big fish.
Holly and Daryl, together with Addison and Imogene are enjoying their new to them home in Cardross, near Mildura.  They had a set back earlier in the year with the house flooding, but due to that have a virtually completely renovated home to live in and enjoy.
Aimee and Jason, together with Mia and Maddison have just moved to a new home in Bendigo and are enjoying finally having a backyard.  Aimee is back at work and Jason is almost completed his bakery apprenticeship.  Mia has just finished grade 1 and Maddison enjoys going to day care twice a week.
Sarah is presently in England for a month, so won’t be home for Christmas.  She has had a promotion at her work, the Wine Bank in Bendigo and is the day manager.  She has also been increasing the amount of photography work she has been getting.
Megan has moved to a new unit in Bendigo and is now sharing with 2 other girls.  She has a job working at a pizza restaurant several days a week and is now an expert pizza maker and cutter!
She is hoping to get work as a motor mechanic and continues to apply for jobs for this.

Yes life is busy – but we are blessed

God continues to lead and guide our steps and we look forward to what is in store for us in 2015

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